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Chromium BSU upstream developers needed!

Hi all,

Chromium BSU upstream recently gave me admin access to the chromium-bsu
sf.net project. Hi Mark :)

I'll be converting the upstream CVS to SVN and then committing the
Debian and Ubuntu patches there.

Brian Redfern is working on some free music to replace the non-free
music[1]. His latest attempt is OK, but doesn't suit the game as much as
the originals. He is working on some new versions that are more like the
originals. The sounds are also non-free but we don't have any
replacements for those yet. In the Debian SVN, I've added a patch to
make the game also look in ~/.chromium-data/ so users can play the game
with custom music, sounds, graphics and fonts. This obviously also
allows the use of the non-free sound/music too.

I'd like to add interested people to the project so they can commit
patches from their distros or that they have created. If you are
interested, please let me know what your sourceforge login is.

     1. http://bugs.debian.org/385115



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