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Re: -data packages and recommends?

2008/2/14, Ivan Vucica <ivucica@gmail.com>:

>  A good example are multiple Doom implementations that were present in
>  Debian. They all used same data files, right? At least they should
>  have. So, making the -data package for Doom depend on, e.g., prboom,
>  would actually force users of other implementations to have prboom
>  installed as well.

That's something ideologically complex, as you might be able to handle
data and games separately:

1) The game engine uses the data, but it could use different data
(Doom, Quake, Frets on Fire) to play the same game with different
2) The data "uses" the game engine to be played, in the same way that
a Python script "uses" the python interpreter to be executed. A
dataset could be used from different programs (Doom or Quake worlds,
Ultrastar songs, FoF songs)

I don't think we could go for a universal rule valid for all the
packages, it might depend on each one.

In fact, there's even a bigger problem if we go towards the n data
sets vs m game engines as could happen in Quake or Doom.


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