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Re: supertux 0.3.0

Morten Hustveit <morten@debian.org> (04/01/2007):
> Note that some levels are unplayable without OpenGL, so creating an
> SDL version is a no-go.  Every version has to be OpenGL-only from now
> on.
> <delta__> mortehu: I only created the -nogl patch to be able to
>           playtest ST on my old Linux boxen without HW-accel
> <delta__> It's buggy, slow and breaks newer levels

OK, many thanks for the explanation, I've adapted both NEWS.Debian and
the long description in debian/control. I've also (of course) disabled
this patch.

A modified package will appear soon under

> Regarding the copyright issues, an author list is in the works [1],
> which hopefully will clear any doubt that the game is fully GPL.
>   1. https://supertux.berlios.de/wiki/index.php/DataFiles

Thanks again for the pointer. I'd like to say that I don't personally
doubt that the game is fully GPL. I'd just like to get a precise
debian/copyright file so that the package hasn't to be REJECTED.



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