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Re: Re: supertux 0.3.0

> > Just a quick note to tell you that I'm currently working on packaging
> > supertux 0.3.0. A license check has to be done afterwards, since I'm
> > already busy with some other license checks, such as ogre's and
> > spring's ones. I'm going to give you URL for source/binary packages
> > once I'm done with the `technical' work.
> Hmm, looks like I reached a `usable' state. A user looks quite satisfied
> with the binaries, at least on i386.

That's great! I have found two small issues.

- Changing from fullscreen to window and the reverse results in a crash with 
  this message: Fatal: Unexpected exception: St9bad_alloc

- You have selected /usr/share/games/pixmaps/supertux.xpm as the icon for the 
  launcher, but supertux.png would be a better choice. (It's larger and better 
  suited for a desktop icon).

Sven Arvidsson
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