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Re: supertux 0.3.0

> Well, after talking with Gurkan, this version of supertux is
> OpenGL-only. I picked up a patch, [...] and applied it so
> that we can ship a SDL(-only) version, until a way to ship both version
> easily is found.

Note that some levels are unplayable without OpenGL, so creating an SDL
version is a no-go.  Every version has to be OpenGL-only from now on.

<delta__> mortehu: I only created the -nogl patch to be able to
          playtest ST on my old Linux boxen without HW-accel
<delta__> It's buggy, slow and breaks newer levels

Regarding the copyright issues, an author list is in the works [1],
which hopefully will clear any doubt that the game is fully GPL.

  1. https://supertux.berlios.de/wiki/index.php/DataFiles

(Web site is frequently down)

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