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Re: supertux 0.3.0

Cyril Brulebois <cyril.brulebois@enst-bretagne.fr> (01/01/2007):
> Hmm, looks like I reached a `usable' state. A user looks quite
> satisfied with the binaries, at least on i386.

Well, after talking with Gürkan, this version of supertux is
OpenGL-only. I picked up a patch, as described in [1] and applied it so
that we can ship a SDL(-only) version, until a way to ship both version
easily is found.

I added a note as a NEWS.Debian file.

 1. http://www.deltadevelopment.de/users/christoph/supertux/

Unfortunately, there's a problem with this version: it contains music &
sound effects that are not DFSG-free. I'll have a look at trying to
delete some of them in a week (once I'm back on a sid box, with X
enable, I'm working over ssh at the moment, and a better box than my
iBook :p).

The (non-free) source and binary (i386) packages are available[2].

 2. http://kibi.sysif.net/pub/packages/supertux-prospective/2/

> I'm attaching a debian/watch file, adapted from the one I added for
> lincity-ng, but whereas the version is detected correctly, the
> download 403's... :/

Included in this version.

> TODOs:
>  - pbuilder build test;
>  - license checks;

Will be done next week.

> Gürkan, Bartosz, I hope that you're OK to switch the packaging to
> pkg-games-devel ``for real'' and that I'm not hijacking supertux. I
> really do not want to do that, it just looks like this package is
> maintained by pkg-games members implicitely.

Maintainer/Uploaders set according to Gürkan's wishes.


Cyril Brulebois

PS: Cc-ing the new upstream release available bugreport so that this
    version can be tested before it is DFSG-ified.

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