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Re: [Artwork] question for next release of Debian

Hi JC,

Le lundi 8 février 2021, 11:27:18 CET jc a écrit :
> Hello,
> Behind the fact to use free software or not, I propose another thing in
> the first email, why not work as team and not as "opponent" around the
> graphic part, or take idea from each proposal and not just take one and
> disqualify the other. I don't know if my explanation is clear and
> understandable. Someone understand what I mean ? Did someone think it
> make sense to propose to work together and not as "opponent model".
> (maybe it is already the case? I don't know) but it is my feeling as
> new "participant".

Yes, that’s a great idea.
In fact I’d say that it’s already very much possible. :)

The themes we receive are free software and as a packager I had to adapt the 
themes for packaging many times already. The changes were welcomed by the 
original author. So there’s no reason why other contributors can’t already 
provide feedback and / or code to improve the theming.

The repo is here and merge requests are welcome :

Happy hacking !

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