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Re: [Artwork] question for next release of Debian

Dear Jc, Franz,

Le lundi 8 février 2021, 07:51:04 CET Franz Gratzer a écrit :
> > On Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 3:55 PM Jc wrote:
> > For next release, it would be a good idea to add in the artwork
> > requirements that we must use free software available in Debian
> > repositories to do the job.

The main issue with this is who you put behind « we ». Some of the excellent 
designs proposals are made by people not using Debian or using their tool of 
choice that is not in the Debian archive. They are still kind enough to work 
for Debian and produce high quality work under a Free Software license.

So I don’t think « we » currently exists on this topic and having a « we 
must » hardly applies. « They must » seems like a more accurate description of 
what the rule would be, and explained like this I really don’t like it. People 
are free to use or not use Debian and Free Software as they like (and I’m 
convinced they *should* use Debian and Free Software for plenty of reasons !).

> I argued something along these lines last time (or was it the time
> before that?) but this seemingly heretic idea was refused.

That’s not what I remember of the discussion.
Mostly that the people disagreeing with this idea didn’t see reasons to apply 
specific rules to artwork that we don’t have for the rest of Debian.

Debian Social Contract doesn’t impose any restrictions on the tools we use to 
produce Debian, only that the resulting work is free software. The topic has 
been discussed several times on debian-devel including for enforcing the use 
of Free Software services (code hosting for instance) and there was no 
consensus on the idea.

How much I would like that people use Free Software, I still don’t like the 
idea that we force people into using specific tools as long as they want to 
work on Debian and the resulting work abides by the Debian Social Contract.

I very much hope that providing high quality artwork and a high quality 
desktop will encourage people to use Debian more, and that we don’t even need 
to have this discussion in the future. But we don’t seem to be there just yet.

So for me it’s still a no.

Happy hacking !

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