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Re: [Homeworld theme] Plymouth animation

Dear Juliette,

Le jeudi 21 janvier 2021, 23:22:46 CET Juliette Taka a écrit :
>  Hello team Debian Desktop! My name is Juliette Taka and was honored to be
> chosen for the Debian 11 theme with Homeworld. I am writing here because I
> am finishing the project and I would like to add a plymouth animation, but
> to be honest I do not know its language and also don't have the way to test
> it correctly. I could however do the animation in javascript, which I would
> be much more at ease with. I do apologize for that, but if I commit that JS
> code to the github repo[1], could there be anyone kind enough to know how
> to translate that to plymouth? I do have a plan B, in that we could also
> just use the current animation with a color change... But a special
> animation would be best here if possible. Thank you in advance for your
> help, Juliette

I will certainly have a look, but I didn’t see anything in the repo yet ?

As far as I remember, the plymouth scripting module that we use only supports 
bitmaps and simple manipulation like resize and rotation and alpha. I even 
have a doubt that you can use basic colored shapes, I think not (or import 
them as bitmaps, obviously).

Anything that more or less maps to these operations will be easy to reproduce.
Anything else will be difficult, require generating as many bitmaps as you 
need shapes…

Happy hacking,

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