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Re: [Homeworld theme] Plymouth animation

Le lundi 8 février 2021, 11:16:24 CET jc a écrit :
> Hello,


> It is very interesting to know how to work / deal with plymouth or with
> which person we can be helped.


> Is there a team or person who can help/support about that ? It is
> important to know how to proceed if next year, for example, someone who
> is not able to deal with plymouth can even propose design.

I’ve been doing most of the Plymouth scripting work for the last couple of 
releases, with great help from Juliette for at least on of the themes.
It’s generally:
- not very complicated
- pretty limited in functionality
and I use it every 2,5 years so I forget in the meantime.

Some succinct doc can be found at [1].

> Can we imagine, we let bitmap available and another team take in charge
> the plymouth scripting part of the project ?

Yes, that would be me. ;)
If others want to step up, help is very welcome, my plate is quite full at the 

[1] https://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/Plymouth/Scripts/


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