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Re: [Artwork] question for next release of Debian


Lot of beautiful design for Bullseyes, for example, were made with free
software only. There is some kind of discrimination when some people
which believe in free ideology use free software only and "fight"
against proprietary software. And the adobe package cost a lot, most of
Debian user cannot pay for that, but they want to participate to this
beautiful ideology, beautiful system, through design for example... And
use Adobe to do design seems good idea ? If we extrapolate, next time
maybe use Microsoft development platform to integrate new software in
Debian ? Is it really what the community wants ?

With what it said before, free software is not able to concurrence
proprietary software, so the "fight" is lose ? The message is difficult
to understand, because everyday we have to "fight" and said "you can do
as good as proprietary software with free software". But here we show
it will be not possible...

I let this idea, I hope for the next time someone will think that there
is only good sense.

If free software are made with proprietary software, I think the
message is not understandable. And lot of new people will think that
there is no benefice to jump into free software. 

See you.


On Mon, 2021-02-08 at 07:51 +0100, Franz Gratzer wrote:
> > On Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 3:55 PM Jc wrote:
> > For next release, it would be a good idea to add in the artwork
> > requirements that we must use free software available in Debian
> > repositories to do the job.
> I argued something along these lines last time (or was it the time
> before that?) but this seemingly heretic idea was refused. People
> suggested that it wasn't welcoming to new people to require them to
> work with the excellent tools we actually do promote. At the same
> time
> I newer saw designs that wouldn't have been easily doable by using
> exclusively free software.
> To me it seems crazy to accept designs done with proprietary tools
> when
> promoting free software. Especially because there isn't any good
> reason
> to depend on non-free software any more. To me it forms the message:
> "Yes, there is free software out there and we do publish it, but in
> the
> end real professional work needs to be done with non-free tools."
> I don't think that would be true at all. Therefore, I strongly
> believe
> we should make it a requirement for designs to be considered as the
> default in Debian to be done with free software.
> It might have been necessary to create high quality designs with non-
> free software decades ago, but this surely hasn't been the case for a
> long time now.
> Cheers,
> Franz

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