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Re: The status of desktop-base in wheezy

On ven., 2012-06-22 at 05:27 +0200, Ulrich Hansen wrote:
> > As much as I hate that it has to be done like this, there's no other
> realistic option atm, IMHO. And maybe there's a lesson learned, and we
> try to be more proactive next cycle.
> That's what has been said last cycle. 

And debian-desktop wasn't able to organize a vote. Nobody stepped-in
when I stepped-out (exactly because of what is happening to Paul, by the
way) after Squeeze.

There were a lot of interested people which submitted quite a few
themes. But nobody took care of organizing the vote. And I agree with
Paul, at one point it's just too late.

I don't especially like the fact that Paul decided for the theme all by
itself, but I don't especially like the “call everyone on the internet
for vote”. My preference always had been for “people active on the list
will raise their voice” (and that's how I did it for Squeeze). But, at
the end of the day, one choice needs to be made, and release team made
that clear since at least two releases that they wanted something *way
before* the freeze, especially since theming can touch a lot of packages
(think d-i for example).

So indeed, the process might not have been perfect. Or, better said, you
(a general “you”) might (like me) disagree with how the process was
done. But then you're the only one to blame, because you should have
stepped in before to organize the process.

Stefano made the “call for artwork” in january and asked for someone to
step in (twice), and nobody did.


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