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Re: Programs I miss in kde-desktop task

2007/3/14, Joey Hess:

> However, I think the kde-desktop task should also include:
>    adept - package management suite for KDE

Currently kpackage is included. I don't want to include two, and my
impression is that adept is not as mature yet.

As far as I know, KPackage doen't include anything like adept-updater.
This is a great feature for a desktop system: an icon in the system
tray lets you know whether there are any updates available, how many
there are, and install them seamlessly.

Overall, I would say Adept is nicer.

>    katapult - item launcher for KDE

 The application is currently in an early stage of development

From the description. If you want to get it included you'll need to give
persuasive reasons.

It might not be as feature-complete as Quicksilver (Mac OS X), but it
is stable and works great.
FWIW, Kubuntu does include it, and it was the very first thing I
missed after replacing Ubuntu by Debian.

>    k3b-i18n - Internationalized (i18n) files for k3b

Provisionally added in my tree. (I don't plan to make any task changes
before etch is released though.)

Ok, thank you.

>    konversation - user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE

kdenetwork already includes kopete.

Kopete is a pretty good IM client, but for IRC, Konversation is way better.

In fact, an IRC client was installed: KSirc. But this one has been
unmaintaned for years, while Konversation is a modern replacement.

>    koffice - KDE Office Suite

openoffice.org is included. I don't want to bloat the task with two
desktop suites, and OOo is the one that most people use independent of
desktop environment.

If Lenny is to include KOffice 2.0, I would ask you to reconsider it.
KOffice integrates nicely with Konqueror and the rest of KDE, is
lightweight, and uses the same fileformat as OOo (ODF).

>    kaffeine - versatile media player for KDE



>    qalculate-kde - Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - KDE
>    version

kcalc is the standard kde calculator, and is included.

Qalculate! is different. Please see
http://www.pycs.net/lateral/stories/33.html .
It could be compared to Abakus rather than to KCalc.

Thanks for your kind attention,

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

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