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Re: Programs I miss in kde-desktop task

Hi Gustavo,
I'm sorry to break the thread, I wasn't subscribed to this mailing
list (I saw your reply on the web archive).

2007/3/14, Gustavo Franco:

The default netinst CD supports GNOME, KDE and Xfce install. GNOME
is the default, to install KDE you might type the line below before the
installer boots (in first screen after BIOS boot, where you see the
Debian logo and can press F1 for help):

install tasks=kde-desktop

Oh, I didn't know that.
Shame on me, this parameter does appear on `Special boot parameters
for the install system.' (F8).

Kudos to l18n, tasksel and d-i teams. They're great, aren't they?

The whole Debian community is  :-)

Joey already commented each package, but be sure that I'll revisit
this list during Lenny development cycle.

Thank you.

I think that for Etch we're
done due to the freeze and imminent release.

December 4th, 2006, right? (Just joking, I know it wil be released
when it's ready).

Thank you very much for your feedback. I've some questions though:

- What's the desktop-base version for you - 4.0.0 or 4.0.1 ? If in
doubt how to check, open a terminal (konsole in kde) and paste the
dpkg -l desktop-base command output, please.

I have desktop-base 4.0.1

- If you're using desktop-base 4.0.1, what are your thoughts on the
artwork - login screen, splash screen and wallpaper ?

I like the login screen. However, it appeared in English. I had to run
`kdesu kcontrol', select my language, and restart kdm in order to get
it in Spanish. I guess this should be fixed.

The splash screen is somewhat boring to me. IMHO, FingerPrint or
debian-moreblue-moodin (this one requires ksplash-engine-moodin) would
look more inviting.

The wallpaper is not exciting either, but it is okay as a default. The
worldmap is hardly noticeable (at least on my screen).

- What was missing in your desktop after installation that you changed
(not involving package installation) ?

- I dislike having icons on the desktop (they are overlapped by windows).
Instead, I prefer using the Trash and System Menu applets on the kicker.
- I configured the screensaver to start automatically after 5 minutes.
- I configured the clock on the kicker so that it also shows the date.
- I added the Lock/Exit buttons applet to the kicker.
- I configured the kicker to be translucent.

In the next few days I'll keep customizing the environment to my tastes.

- Have you installed other KDE related packages not cited above after
install? What and why ?

Yes, I have also installed:
- digikam and digikamimageplugins, to manage my digital camera.
- tellico, to manage my CD and DVD collection
- kphotoalbum, to manage my photo collection
- gtk2-engines-gtk-qt, so that any GTK application I might use
doesn't look too alien.
- pdf-smp  (PDF Service Menu Pack, requires pdfjam and pdftk) from
http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=37321 . When Lenny is
released, maybe there are better tools (PoDoFo-based, perhaps).
- I also installed Kile, but that's probably not required by most users.

Not KDE-related, but I also installed ntpdate and vorbis-tools.

I installed this system just yesterday. In the next few days, I'll
probably miss more programs.

- Have you removed KDE related packages ? What and why ?

Not yet, but I'll probably uninstall ksirc.

- Did you know about the graphical installer (not default) ? If yes,
do you know how to use ?

Yes, I knew about it and tried to use it, but it doesn't work on my
laptop (I did try using vga=771 noapic nolapic parameters).
Using the latest weekly build, the system just hangs.
Using the 20070313 Netinst CD some error messages about gdk are shown,
but the screen flashes and are hard to copy. I'll take a picture with
my camera, and fill a report.

Hope this helps,

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

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