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Programs I miss in kde-desktop task

I just installed Debian Etch on an Apple MacBook, using the latest
KDE-CD1 weekly build (should not there be a netinst CD supporting KDE
as well?).

You did an amazing work. Even the packages needed to get my system in
my language where automagically downloaded and installed  :-)

However, I think the kde-desktop task should also include:
   adept - package management suite for KDE
   katapult - item launcher for KDE
   k3b-i18n - Internationalized (i18n) files for k3b
   konversation - user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE
   koffice - KDE Office Suite
   kaffeine - versatile media player for KDE
   qalculate-kde - Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - KDE version

Thank you,

P.S.- Some time ago I translated
to Spanish:

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

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