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Re: desktop task: package list

Seg, 2006-11-27 às 16:05 -0200, Gustavo Franco escreveu:
> There's no 'desktop environment foo minimal' and 'desktop environment
> foo optimised' tasks. Just 'desktop' (using twm), 'gnome-desktop',
> 'kde-desktop' and 'xfce-desktop'.

i just want that debian's gnome desktop is full of applications that can
serve the common users.

That's what we've. The missing bits are being worked on and much more
can be done for Etch+1 (Lenny). What's your point?

> >  . filesystem support
> i bet we support through the linux kernel more than windows and/or macos does.

the filesystem support is trought gnomevfs. i think gvfs is great and
it's easy for users to detect, for example, a pen that has been mounted.

btw, we've it in the gnome-desktop task, of course.

> >  . and desktop integration
> almost done.

almost done????

Ask upstream (GNOME, KDE or XFCE) developers if desktop integration is
done by them and come back here. :P

> > >
> > > >  - games
> > > >   . frozen buble
> > > >   . gnome-sudoku
> > >
> > > We've gnome games. ;)
> >
> > true, but these i think are good to add.
> Probably, remember us during lenny development cycle. You can start
> something in wiki.d.o. Do you know our wiki?

yes, i'll try to make a page. but this is possible for etch. they both

Not when tasksel is frozen and we consider it almost done to ship into
Etch. ;) You know, just critical updates for d-i etch RC2 and final

also, i opened a bug for tasksel to include gnome-spell... please take a

let us keep this subject just there, please.

-- stratus

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