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Re: desktop task: package list

On 11/25/06, Luis Matos <gass@otiliamatos.ath.cx> wrote:
hello there

talking about the gnome desktop task ( don't know about other
environments) and the packages that should go along.

i want to propose a minimal (or "normal") desktop task and a full
functional desktop task.

Actually we've the 'desktop' task for this and the recent added 'xfce'
to act as lightweight desktop options.

by this i mean that a full desktop task should cover every area of
desktop usage such as:

You should take a look at tasksel source package first, but there we go.

 - desktop accessories:
   . desktop search (beagle)
    .. beagle-backend-evolution

I use beagle a lot, but do you know about the current leak problems
and size of .beagle directory? Well, it won't make Etch because it's
too unstable.

   . chm visualiser ( xchm or gnochm)

Not sure about .chm readers. Good hint. I'll take a look if it made
what we think is the last tasksel upload before Etch.

 - development ( i think development tools are not needed)

There is nothing special but Debian Etch GNOME desktop is 'development
ready'. You know, the package options not the ones installed by

 - system tools
  . gconf-editor
  . gnome-keyring-manager

already done.

 - graphics
  . gtkam ( today everyone has a digital foto machine)
  . gthumb
  . camorama (we cam enable)
  . gimp
   .. gtkam-gimp
   .. gimp-svg
   .. gimp-print
   .. gimp-help-en

There's gthumb and gimp. Nothing special for cameras but they're
usable through 'default' GNOME.

  . xsane
   .. libsane-extras
   .. sane-utils
 - internet
  . tsclient
   .. rdesktop


   .. vnc-viewer

If i'm not wrong rdesktop does vnc-viewer, no?

  . liferea
  . epiphany-browser
   .. epiphany-extensions

done ;)

  . gaim
   .. gaim-backend-evolution
  . evolution
   .. evolution-exchange
   .. evolution-plugins
   .. evolution-webcal
   .. contact-lookup-applet
  . xchat
  . ekiga

hmm, done! :)

 - productivity
  . openoffice.org with gnome integration ( the few integration)
   .. openoffice.org-evolution


  . glabels ( for cd covers, labels, and others)

good hint for lenny.

  . contacts ( address book that integrates with evolution)


 - sound and video
  . Istanbul session recorder ( it's for fun)

valid candidate for lenny, imho.

  . totem with all available codecs

We've totem using xine backend and browser plugins too. In other
words, you can see that pretty good apple traillers on their website,
got it? ;)

 - games
  . frozen buble
  . gnome-sudoku

We've gnome games. ;)

==== other stuff ===

= nautilus and gnomevfs related
 to support every fs:

 . ssh
 . ftp
 . gnomevfs-extfs
 . libntfs-gnomevfs
 . smbfs ( and smbclient?)
 . nfs (?)
 . davfs2

needs review for Lenny, but we've good support for Etch.

= version control clients =
 . subversion
 . cvs
 . bzr

weren't included yet.

= drivers =

 (people will be satisfied if their hardware just work)

 - printer drivers
  .  hplip
  . hpoj
  . hpijs
  . ( etc)

we've printing support

= file roller =

 . arj
 . tar
 . bzip2
 . zip (unzip)
 . rar (unrar)
 . lha
 ( some more)?

some included, some not.

 = development tools =
 . some? or none?

none by default, we've text editors. let us avoid the eclipse versus
emacs versus foo favourite development suite war. :)

 = administration =
 . synaptic
 . gdebi ( to install simple .deb packages)

both included.

what do you think of this?

That we need some people to verify if what i said that was included,
is working in Etch (RC1 or upcoming RC2) and let us go ahead to
include some more good stuff in Lenny and remove what wasn't needed.

-- stratus

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