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Re: Corporate Desktop

Le mercredi 05 avril 2006 à 01:16 +0100, Luis Matos a écrit :
> Jerome Warnier wrote:
> >Le lundi 03 avril 2006 à 02:04 +0100, Luis Matos a écrit :
> >[..]
> >  
> >
> >>I have made a package list [2], witch you can grab categorized [3]
> >>
> >>This is a very first list, not tested. It was made with others as base.
> >>    
> >>
> >[..]
> >  
> >
> >>[2] http://joaquina.tecklog.com/~gass/pacotes2.html
> >>    
> >>
> >I would like to argument on packages. How can I do this?
> >
> >For Librassoc, we took the list of dependencies of gnome-core, and we
> >removed the bits we did not want to get for users' ease of use (like
> >bug-buddy)
> >
> this is a package i would like to remove. it should not be used by end 
> users.
That's why we did not depend on gnome-core, and that's in turn what I
just explained.
Though, we will change the way it is done currently, because the
dependencies are not split in several lists, but only one monolithic
list, which is far from perfect, for the reasons I explained.

> > and added then the ones we wanted to have in. The result is
> >something like gnome-desktop-environment, but different. We plan to
> >autogenerate the dependencies from several distinct files, to allow for
> >clearer distinction between what comes from gnome-core and what we
> >wanted (and also allow for a potential future KDE version).
> >  
> >
> i want to make this distinction, more or less:
> corp X+gdm+gnome basic (not core, basic)
> applications
Most of the applications are already part of GNOME.
> extras
That's what I would call "applications".
> 3rdparty (w32codecs, etc, etc)
contrib or non-free (or backports?).

> >We also wanted to remove any program still using GTK+1.2, and try to
> >avoid as much as possible QT (we did actually succeed also, after a
> >period where we had to provide K3B for CD writing).
> >  
> >
> gnome baker is a fine solution. I have scribus, but i have 2 feelings on 
> it, i like it for desktop publishing (DTP), but hate not to use ttf 
> fonts, and have a bad look and feel in gtk.
Yes, we tried graveman and gnomebaker, but the last one seems to be far
better in the end.
But please bear in mind that Librassoc 1.0 is based on Sarge (and that
explain some packages' choices), while I understand that you want to
start with Etch, and we want to go to Etch now too. So, our goal in the
near future (starting of today) is similar (even near from perfectly
identical), but what we've done so far for Librassoc is not necessarily.

> >Then, we have packages related to the languages we want to support
> >out-of-the-box (for OOo, spell-checking, ...).
> >  
> >
> this is a question i can't answear. i have there firefox-locale-pt 
> (because i am portuguese) but, if this was a debian project, it should 
> install much more.  So i should be some language packs.
We had to support at least both main languages in Belgium: French and

> >In your list of packages here, I can read packages which are simply not
> >needed, or should just depend upon other ones (like nfs-common for
> >example). I think you should remove those for readability.
> >  
> >
> i have them for nautilus and for mount nfs partitions for network 
> environment, altough i have not seen in dependencies if it is needed.
For those, ok then. But it would probably be good to keep a track of
those "dependencies-not-written-in-the-package".
nfs-common indeed includes the client utilities (and there is no
nfs-client package in Debian).

> >If you could also translate the titles in English, it would be better
> >understood by many.
> >  
> >
> lol ... ok, i'll do that.
Thanks. Though, it is not really difficult to read as it currently is
(but can also evolve).

> >I would personally split your "Drivers e utilitarios" between "Printing"
> >and others.
> >
> i you have printing experience, coul you see that please?
Of course.
At the beginning, for Librassoc, we decided not to ship everything
related to printing, because we judged the sum of all the packages
involved really huge (in size) to fit them all on the CD and on the disk
while most of it would never been used on a single workstation (nobody
has 500+ printers connected to his PC at the same time). We decided it
would be up to the user to install the printer drivers he actually
needed. We included some drivers for the most-used printers in small
offices in Belgium, though, and would add more on the CD as requested
Oh, and there are some changes between Sarge and Etch in the packaging
of CUPS and drivers, so I may not be up-to-date on this (but will have

> >You have non-free and contrib packages in your list, which most probably
> >prevents you to distribute CDs "as-is".
> >  
> >
> true, that's why i made that the other list [3]. but, the idea that i 
> have is to install that directly from a regular debian cd and use a tool 
> like apt-proxy.
You cannot necessarily do that.
We also decided for Librassoc that it should not be necessary to be
connected to the Internet at installation time to have it to work.

Example: for Flash, there is a package called flashplugin-nonfree, which
simply connects to a website and downloads the actual plugin, so that
the package is free, even if the plugin is not (and you cannot
distribute it without consent from Macromedia). It tries to download the
plugin as soon as it is installed, and fails badly if it cannot, which
can get the whole installation to fail.
Solution: put it on the CD, but do not install it by default. It is
available immediately, you don't have to download it, and it does not
fail the install.

> I see this as a solution for small business companies.
That's what the non-profit sector is mainly composed of. There are often
thought to be less wealthy than others, though, so should be able to use
older hardware too.
And that's why Librassoc is for: a custom Debian GNU/Linux-based distro
(for the desktop only, so far) for non-profit organizations in Belgium.

> >>[3] http://joaquina.tecklog.com/~gass/cat.html
> >>[4] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-bluetooth
> >>[5] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-fonts
> >>
> >>Os Meus Melhores Cumprimentos
> >>Best Regards
> >>
> >>Luis Matos
Jérôme Warnier
FLOSS Consultant

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