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Re: Debian Wallpaper

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 02:16 +0300, Linas Zvirblis wrote:

> Once upon a time there was a discussion on some mailing list that Debian
> has no official look, so decided to make a wallpaper that would be
> suitable for such use.

As a community distro, I'd prefer that Debian represented the community
(i.e. upstream default themes, perhaps slightly customised to indicate
debian involvement). Of course a Debian "branded" theme would be cool
for those who need that sort of thing. Debblue was an attempt at that
and it had grub/gdm/gnome and I think kde themes. It was a dark theme
and some people didn't like it.

> It is not very artistic, but I wanted it to be simple and non
> distracting (and I am also a lousy artist). It is transparent, so it can
> be used with any desired background color, but looks best on white,
> gray, or blueish gray - exactly what many desktop environments use by
> default.

I like it - nice n simple.

> The whole thing could go further by creating themes for login managers
> ([X|K|G]DM) etc., so that Debian would feel more like what Debian
> actually is - a quality operating system

I doubt themes are what makes a quality operating system :)

The way I would like this to work is - have one or multiple
debian-branding-foo packages that together constitute an "official"[1]
Debian theme. At install time there would be an option to install the
branding packages relevant to the tasks you have chosen.

> Any comments?

I suggest that you file a wishlist bug against the desktop-base package
to include this image.

You may want to work with artists, the debian-installer team to theme up
d-i and get it to install some debian-branding-X packages that would
need to be created. I suppose Ubuntu has already done branding
infrastructure, perhaps that could be borrowed.

     1. Debian is so diverse, there probably isn't any way to get an
        "official" theme.



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