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Re: corporate debian desktop

Jerome Warnier wrote:


Well ... talking on irc with some people in #debian on freenode, i was told that this could be made by improving tasksel. I must say it is a good idea, because then the "package" could be preseeded when remastering the debian cd.
We have done almost all you want in our[1] project called
«Librassoc»[2]. It is based on Sarge, uses d-i, and preselects packages
(basically a GNOME desktop with OOo), preseeds some of them, and
configure some others (like OOo for GTK filechooser) and the basic user

We just released version 1.0 last week, and will move to the next
version, based on Etch, in the following few days (work has actually
already started in the background).
I think there is no need to start it again and again, so maybe you could
join and/or fork, but the problem could be now that we discuss about the
development mainly in French. The code and comments are all in good
English though, including the CVS comments. It will soon become even
more modular too, and we will try to integrate the GTK frontend to d-i.

[1] We, the LUG of Brussels: http://www.bxlug.be
[2] http://www.librassoc.be

Sorry, i missed this post. Really, your project goes with my intents, but my effort is to make this to be "debian supported" and to be known.
Also, we would really be pleased to contribute to a larger project, but
we also want to release «something» when we feel it is time to.
having release times can improve the results. Imagine if you had an etch release soon ( in 6 months, imagine) you would be just running to make the package. still ... if you don't have some point you are just ... develloping with no "objective objectives".

Really, your project's page is all in french and i could not find the cvs link. Preseeding is not in my plans, but as someone said, it would be nice to include this in tasksel, when something is done and preseed only the configuration steps (configuration of network conection, etc, etc)

please send me the cvs link.
Did you already have a look?

In the TODO: go to Etch as base, evaluate using the gtk+ frontend of
d-i, make it more modular so that we could for example ship a KDE-based
version (the technical staff are mainly GNOME-addicts, though).
And still, keep it running on older machines (starting with PII or
equivalent with 128MB RAM and 3GB hdd) of the kind you can find for
nothing in second-hand shops.
i gave up running linux on older machines like that. easely you can have pxe and bootp mount / trough nfs or have X clients and a server.

i am also a gnome addict (i think i am not that addict) because gnome is simple, fast and objective and it will be faster every version, and have some nice improvements version to version. Also you have java and C# full support for develloping applications. Maily my objective with that is to create somehow a base desktop for companies to build some software on it.

Maily, in portugal you have linux with some support, in servers is becoming very used, but in desktops, simply there is no end costumer applications, such as local crm, stock management, accounting. So, having a stable desktop, is easier to make people to create applications.

Also, using an lsb compatible distribution (or using dcc as base, witch have kernel improvement and is lsb directed) you make it even easier.

i saw your cvs, and what you did i basically my intentions, but without modifying the installer.
Maybe provide tasksel support, or to announce a sugestion for preseeding.

Best regards

Luis Matos

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