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Debian Wallpaper


I am not sure this is the right place to post such things, but here it
goes anyway.

Once upon a time there was a discussion on some mailing list that Debian
has no official look, so decided to make a wallpaper that would be
suitable for such use.

It is not very artistic, but I wanted it to be simple and non
distracting (and I am also a lousy artist). It is transparent, so it can
be used with any desired background color, but looks best on white,
gray, or blueish gray - exactly what many desktop environments use by

I chose to release it under GPL, but the terms of using Debian logo are
a bit hazy, so I do not mind using any other license, as needed.

The whole thing could go further by creating themes for login managers
([X|K|G]DM) etc., so that Debian would feel more like what Debian
actually is - a quality operating system, not just a bunch of packages
for Ubuntu to use.

Any comments?



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