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Re: corporate debian desktop

Le lundi 03 avril 2006 à 02:11 +0100, Luis Matos a écrit :
> Jerome Warnier wrote:
> >Le lundi 27 mars 2006 à 09:36 +0100, Luis Matos a écrit : 
> >  
> >
> >>Jeremy Schoenhaar wrote:
> >>    
> >>
> >[..] 
> >  
> >
> >>Well ... talking on irc with some people in #debian on freenode, i was 
> >>told that this could be made by improving tasksel.
> >>I must say it is a good idea, because then the "package" could be 
> >>preseeded when remastering the debian cd.
> >>    
> >>
> >We have done almost all you want in our[1] project called
> >«Librassoc»[2]. It is based on Sarge, uses d-i, and preselects packages
> >(basically a GNOME desktop with OOo), preseeds some of them, and
> >configure some others (like OOo for GTK filechooser) and the basic user
> >configurations.
> >
> >  
> >
> >Actually 
> >
> >We just released version 1.0 last week, and will move to the next
> >version, based on Etch, in the following few days (work has actually
> >already started in the background).
> >I think there is no need to start it again and again, so maybe you could
> >join and/or fork, but the problem could be now that we discuss about the
> >development mainly in French. The code and comments are all in good
> >English though, including the CVS comments. It will soon become even
> >more modular too, and we will try to integrate the GTK frontend to d-i.
> >
> >
> >[1] We, the LUG of Brussels: http://www.bxlug.be
> >[2] http://www.librassoc.be
> >
> >  
> >
> Sorry, i missed this post. Really, your project goes with my intents, 
> but my effort is to make this to be "debian supported" and to be known.
Also, we would really be pleased to contribute to a larger project, but
we also want to release «something» when we feel it is time to.

> Really, your project's page is all in french and i could not find the 
> cvs link. Preseeding is not in my plans, but as someone said, it would 
> be nice to include this in tasksel, when something is done and preseed 
> only the configuration steps (configuration of network conection, etc, etc)
> please send me the cvs link.
Did you already have a look?

In the TODO: go to Etch as base, evaluate using the gtk+ frontend of
d-i, make it more modular so that we could for example ship a KDE-based
version (the technical staff are mainly GNOME-addicts, though).
And still, keep it running on older machines (starting with PII or
equivalent with 128MB RAM and 3GB hdd) of the kind you can find for
nothing in second-hand shops.

> best regards
> Luis Matos
Jérôme Warnier
FLOSS Consultant

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