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smart notifier, or, For those who care about their hard disks.

Hi all,

My smart-notifier package turned a popcon 20 a little while back and
still has no bugs, so I guess it's time for wider announcements.

What is smart-notifier?

It is a small package that has and will always have only one purpose, to
transmit S.M.A.R.T. warnings about impending hard drive problems from
smartd to a user using a GUI.

How does it work?

When smart-notifier drops a script into /etc/smartd/run.d/, this script
will send a dbus message to the system bus every time smartmontools
sends an e-mail. The user runs a pre-user-session-daemon that connects
to the system bus and pops up a window with the error.

Why am I announcing it here?

Well, one day a long time in the future I hope it, or something like it
will be a part of the desktop. That will only be possible with wider

But if smartd sends e-mails, why do we need this?

Some people, especially some desktop users, do not receive system mail
or do not even have a mailserver installed.

What is the future of smart-motifier?

Apart from gradual improvement and tweaking, there is one major
milestone on the horizon. When notification-daemon [1]
grows the ability to transmit messages from the root to the user
context, we will use that instead of the roll-it-at-home solution we
have now.

[1] http://packages.debian.org/unstable/x11/notification-daemon

Brian Sutherland

Metropolis - "it's the first movie with a robot. And she's a woman.
              And she's EVIL!!"

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