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Re: Usermode splash screen/boot. what's the best approach?

Luis M wrote:

usplash is the way to go (and the U in front should mean "user-space"
and not Ubuntu, as this should apply to all distros and distros
flavors -- mepis, xandros, ubuntu, etc.. all debian-based distros);
but, since it will be sponsored in parts by the ubuntu people, they
can call it whatever they want on their end.
i agree ...  kernel splash introduces some more problems to kernel.

From our end, though, debsplash is considered as 99% done, with the
only thing missing being a better rc script (which means we might have
to port sysv-rc package and ask users to install this new "ported"
package as a dependancy to debsplash).
good news i'm reading.

Now, going back to why NOT to use a X-based system for boot splash, it
doesn't matter how you do it, that approach will be overly complicated
for what's needed. You will have to deal with video cards, and a whole
bunch of other crap, plus the code may not be so easy to understand
once the whole thing is complete it. And let's not forgot licensing
issues as xorg/xfree etc.. are NOT gpl'ed. So we can't simply copy
code from it. And if we are going to do this, why not simply just make
the RedHat/Fedora boot splash system more generic so that Debian
systems can use it? I just think is a bad thing.

I agree ... bootsplash must not use X, i think, makes more dependency problems, and therefor servers without X can't use it.

Also i agree with the problems from grafic card configuration.

I will wait for the files to be in alioth, then i will test it.


Luis Matos

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