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Re: Introducing DoudouLinux

Hi Jean-Michel,

On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 10:39:24PM +0200, Jean-Michel Philippe wrote:
> Thank you Andreas for your detailed answer. We are now better  
> understanding what “reviving Debian Jr” can mean :).

It finally means what *you* make it (inside the boundaries of Debian).

> As I told to Paul in a private mail, DoudouLinux seems to have achieved  
> many wishes of the Debian Jr. project. As we want to keep as closest as  
> possible to Debian, it appears to me that our work will necessarily meet  
> the job you are proposing to us to revive this project. We just need to  
> change a bit our way to work. We also need to read the official  
> documentation you pointed about pure blends to be sure to match the  
> standards.

As I said: Feel free to ask in case of any kind of question.

> Of course I'll register the Jr mailing list as a start.


Kind regards



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