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Re: Introducing DoudouLinux

Thank you very much for your warm welcoming words :).

Concerning our patches/bug reports, yes I already noted in a private mail from Paul that it is better to use tags to be able to collect our contributions. I still haven't found the time to understand how this works but I'll surely do.

Concerning Debian Live, I registered their list months ago and introduced our distro in May. We are now in their list of distros. Debian Live is quite complex a tool and we currently just use it nearly as is.

Concerning the Census page: done!

Concerning Debian Jr., we feel very excited about the idea, despite the fact that we still have a vague idea of your expectations. We currently generate meta-packages from Debian Live package lists (text files), but this is really far from a full DoudouLinux environment. I don't know if this is the right place to discuss the topic, just let me know where the discussions on this topic should take place.

Paul: of course I'll reread your mails to be sure we're not missing ways to help Debian, especially because I've been on holidays during the past 3 weeks!

Jean-Michel Philippe

DoudouLinux, the computer they prefer!

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