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Re: Introducing DoudouLinux

On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 12:09 AM, Jean-Michel Philippe wrote:

> I'm the founder of the project DoudouLinux [1], a young live distro for
> kids, and I'd like to introduce our project to the Debian Derivatives
> community since we are willing to join your initiative. To say the truth we
> had looked at the derivatives initiative months ago and, after a kind
> discussion started by Paul Wise, we are now diving into it! So what is
> DoudouLinux?

Welcome to the list :)

As I already stated in private email, helping revive the Debian Jr
subproject would be a great way to help out the Debian project and it
sounds like you and your volunteers are uniquely qualified to do so.

In addition it would be great if you could fill out a page in the
derivatives census:


Stefano's suggestion about forwarding bugs and patches and using
usertags is a good one. Unfortunately the derivatives census indicates
that only Ubuntu, gNewSense and Tails are forwarding bugs and using
usertags to group them. In addition the census says that Univention
are forwarding bugs but not using any usertags. Perhaps we need to
promote this a bit more, especially since it will be quite useful for
DEX projects.

Please refer to my earlier private mails for more ways to help Debian.



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