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Re: Getting NEW packages into Debian first

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 1:02 PM, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> It would also be nice to seek feedback from Debian Mentors as well, in
> case they have suggestions on how request for mentoring coming from the
> Ubuntu side might be improved. I know that Paul Wise is active on
> Mentors and has already given feedback here; I've no idea whether other
> Mentors people are significantly represented on this list. Paul: what do
> you think?

I'm not that active in mentors these days...

> Another interesting question for Mentors is what they think about how
> Ubuntu people might help in reviewing/sponsoring packages. On one hand
> the text makes clear that, potentially, the review/sponsor manpower in
> Debian is larger than in Ubuntu. But on the other hand, the question of
> how to make the process sustainable in the long run for both distros
> (and other derivatives) is a valid one. Should for instance derivatives
> encourage experienced developers to join the debian-mentors list and
> help there in order to increase, in the long run, the overall mentoring
> manpower?

More peer review of packages is a always good idea, so yes, please do
get experienced or not-so-experienced derivatives developers to join
the list and help out with reviews.

The culture of the debian-mentors list has slowly been changing
towards encouraging sponsees to be reviewing the packages of their
peers. Several DDs active in sponsoring packages now follow up
sponsoring with asking the people they sponsored to review recent
proposed packages. Asheesh will be presenting about this at DebConf11.
I would suggest encouraging that within Ubuntu and other derivatives



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