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Re: Getting NEW packages into Debian first

On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 10:12:35AM +0100, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> Hello everybody,

Thanks for posting this here Daniel.

> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages#NEW_packages_through_Debian

It looks generally good to me. On the text specifically, I just have a
few comments:

- The emphasis on the text seems to be on the "how the heck I get a
  package into Ubuntu?", which I fully understand, as most readers of
  that page will indeed be looking for an answer to such a question.x
  Still, I think we should take the chance to educate wannabe
  maintainers on good practices of software maintenance and of Free
  Software, such as giving back to the community.

  Specifically, I propose to mention as a good reason for passing
  through Debian the fact that, that way, the package will be useful not
  only to Ubuntu users, but also to a range of other Debian derivatives.
  In some sense, it will (yet another) way of pushing for the culture of
  "the more upstream, the better".

- I don't like much the beginning of the sentence "Debian has a strong
  culture around individual package maintainers that is not present in
  Ubuntu.". The culture in Debian has evolved a lot in the last years
  and team maintenance is close to be the rule, at least for new
  packaging efforts.

  I suggest to rewrite the beginning of that sentence along the lines of
  "responsibility", stressing the fact that in Debian the culture is to
  identify a group of people responsible for a given package, rather
  than wide collective responsibility across all Debian
  Developers. Stressing that aspect, whether the team is made of one
  person or more wouldn't make much of a difference.

It would also be nice to seek feedback from Debian Mentors as well, in
case they have suggestions on how request for mentoring coming from the
Ubuntu side might be improved. I know that Paul Wise is active on
Mentors and has already given feedback here; I've no idea whether other
Mentors people are significantly represented on this list. Paul: what do
you think?

Another interesting question for Mentors is what they think about how
Ubuntu people might help in reviewing/sponsoring packages. On one hand
the text makes clear that, potentially, the review/sponsor manpower in
Debian is larger than in Ubuntu. But on the other hand, the question of
how to make the process sustainable in the long run for both distros
(and other derivatives) is a valid one. Should for instance derivatives
encourage experienced developers to join the debian-mentors list and
help there in order to increase, in the long run, the overall mentoring

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