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Re: Planet Debian downstream?

On 12511 March 1977, Paul Wise wrote:

>> Yeah, make a deriv/ subdir or so for them, i can then put that into the
>> right place. And put the config into svn besides the english and spanish
>> config. Name it config.ini.deriv and ensure you have the name = field
>> right, and the link field ends in /deriv/. out_dir is www/deriv. When
>> you then come back to me i put it in action, and the Planetarium gets
>> the link automagically, with the name you put into the name field.
> Initial config and heads committed in SVN r1447.

Gosh, totally forgot this. Well, its now included.

bye, Joerg
Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'Sir' without adding, 'You're
making a scene.'

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