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Re: Planet Debian downstream?

On 12507 March 1977, Paul Wise wrote:

> As a result of the Debian derivatives census[1] being reasonably
> complete I've started on integration[2] with Debian infrastructure. My
> first target is adding a "Planet Debian downstream" (or Planet Debian
> derivatives). I wonder if the Planet Debian maintainers would be willing
> to add "Planet Debian downstream" to planet.debian.org or if it should
> be separate like "Planet Debian upstream" is[3].

Not a problem to add it if we have more than 10 feeds. Though ...

> The way I envision it working is that the census scripts would harvest
> RSS feed URLs from the websites listed in the census pages then generate
> a configuration file snippet for planet venus. I've mostly implemented
> that part already. The census maintainers would then periodically
> manually sync the generated config with the live one by committing to
> the Debian planet SVN repository.

... I have a big problem with autogenerating it from a public writeable
wiki. Thats a nice idea to train spambots to provide our planet with
lots of spam rss feeds. Thanks, but no, there should be a human doing
it, not a script. IMO.

Its fine for the first set of config, but when we add it, it should end
up as the other planet - alioth access required. And yes, I know that
means someone who has this needs to help people from
derivatives/downstream who doesn't.

bye, Joerg
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