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Re: Planet Debian downstream?

On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 6:24 AM, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> Not a problem to add it if we have more than 10 feeds. Though ...

The scripts currently detects 20 RSS feeds from 22 URLs on the wiki.

> ... I have a big problem with autogenerating it from a public writeable
> wiki. Thats a nice idea to train spambots to provide our planet with
> lots of spam rss feeds. Thanks, but no, there should be a human doing
> it, not a script. IMO.
> Its fine for the first set of config, but when we add it, it should end
> up as the other planet - alioth access required. And yes, I know that
> means someone who has this needs to help people from
> derivatives/downstream who doesn't.

Probably I did not make myself fully clear. At no time is the output
of the script automatically used by planet.d.o. It will always go
through a human to merge the configuration written by the script to
the planet config. The human will have to manually merge the existing
configuration with the new one output by the script. For the initial
config we will review all the URLs and their corresponding RSS feeds
to make sure that they relate to the derivative that they are for. I
guess we can repeat this review every few months to ensure spammers
haven't taken over domains etc. I'll also personally be subscribing to
the RSS feed generated by Planet Debian and I hope to get enough
interest in it to get more people subscribing. Does the above
addresses your concerns?

The reason that the census uses the wiki to gather info about
derivatives is that it is the smallest barrier to entry we have in
Debian, they just need to register once and edit as needed, no
approval needed. Even then, it hasn't been easy to get derivatives
involved and many of them are missing.

Another thing is that it uses the derivative logos (seen at [1]) as
the heads. I'm thinking they should be put into a subdirectory so that
they don't get mixed up with the regular Debian heads. This isn't
implemented yet, but probably I'll use imagemagick or similar to scale
them down to a suitable size since some of them are quite large.

1. http://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Census



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