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Re: Introductions

On Sun, Jul 18, 2010 at 07:43:40PM +0930, Karl Goetz wrote:
> > [ So, while we are on the subject, I'm curious!  You might be aware of
> >   the fact that for the forthcoming Debian Squeeze release, the Debian
> >   kernel team has split away all (known to them) non-free firmware
> Yes, I expect it will be a great help for us :)

Glad to help :), and thanks for your detailed answer.

> While I know (from lurking on various Debian lists) that non-free is
> definitely a 2nd class citisen, its still housed and built on debian
> infrastructure. The claim its 'not part of Debian' does require the
> person hearing the claim to have a working knowledge of D. the distro
> vs D. the project/community.
> (I realise that sounds a bit antagonistic - I'm not hoping to start a
> fight about this, just expressing an opinion).

Oh, not at all, it does not sound antagonistic.  Your principles are
fairly clear, and I've no problem admitting that I disagree with some of
the underlying claims. For instance I don't think that the fact that
some non-free software is *built* on the Debian infrastructure should
matter at all, as it can be built there, but not exposed to users of the
free part of the system. I know that FSF considers that Debian is
advertising "too much" non-free software, but I consider that quite

All that notwithstanding, I respect your principles and I'm happy that
gNewSense is based on a Debian-based distro, no matter which one.
Welcome in the family!

> The impression I got from the list archives was the children-distros
> page was being kept for direct children. I'm happy to put together a
> paragraph, but perhaps it should wait until we do a debian based
> release?

We discussed that a bit on this list. In fact we appreciate also
grandchildren distros, as long as they advertise the fact they descend
(indirectly) from Debian. When to submit an "application" in that sense
is your call, but please don't forget to do that eventually :-)

Looking forward for collaborating with you.

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