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IRC instruction session about the Debian BTS


 I got convinced to hold an IRC talk on usage of the Debian BTS in
#ubuntu-classroom and thought it might be interested to other children
distributions of Debian, too. So feel invited to attend it.

 It will be held in #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net on thursday,
22nd of July, at 18:00 UTC. For those who have never attended such a
session yet, you might want/need to join #ubuntu-classroom-chat too and
raise questions in there, the main channel will be set to moderated.

 I will try to cover basic usage like querying the web interface,
reporting new bugs and also more deeper handling of bugs, including
version tracking issues, and will try to address raised questions as
good as possible.

 Hope the session will be helpful to some and be able to address some
questions like why some bugs aren't getting archived even though they
are closed for ages. :)

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