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openSUSE conference looking for more distros to participate

Hi everyone,

I've posted a similar mail to this on the Ubuntu devel list and I
thought it would be interesting for Debian Developers and for
The openSUSE folks are holding a conference in Nuremberg from 20-23
October[1]. They are working on a "cross-pollination" type track at
the event, and would like to see participation from contributors from
other distributions:

"Basically the idea is to get multiple distros and upstream projects
under one roof and have an open discussion/meet with presentations,
talks, workshops and maybe even some hacking on common ground.  The
ultimate aim is to advance the Linux cause and promote some cross
project love.  The potential topics could be anything from a11y to
zealot handling.  Things that all projects suffer from and things that
the closed competition potentially do better."

[1] http://en.opensuse.org/OpenSUSE_Conf_2010

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