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Re: openSUSE conference looking for more distros to participate

On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 09:14:20AM -0400, Jorge O. Castro wrote:
> I've posted a similar mail to this on the Ubuntu devel list and I
> thought it would be interesting for Debian Developers and for
> derivatives:
> The openSUSE folks are holding a conference in Nuremberg from 20-23
> October[1]. They are working on a "cross-pollination" type track at
> the event, and would like to see participation from contributors from
> other distributions:

Thanks for the heads-up Jorge.

Are you in touch with the OpenSUSE guys somehow about the conference?  I
think it would be interesting for someone to attend on behalf of Debian,
but in fact looking at the conference page is not really clear *how*
they are organizing discussions on the "Collaboration across Borders"
topic. It is not clear to me whether they are expecting submissions of
talks from people of other distros, or rather if they will be having
some plenary sessions with representative of various distros, or ...

If you are in touch you maybe ask them more information about that?

In addition, I believe it would be a good idea to post an announcement
of what they are trying to do to the
<distributions@lists.freedesktop.org> mailing list as among the
followers there are representative of several distributions.


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