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Re: debbugs (newbies) sprint


> The experiment itself is then to hold a Debbugs sprint with a specific
> focus on training new debbugs hackers, teaching the architecture of the
> system, or even simply answer newbies questions and doubts. Of course
> all this could be done while practically going through the backlog of
> pending debbugs feature requests, bugs, and the like.  Don has
> volunteered as a reference "trainer" (thanks a lot!), but anyone on both
> fronts (experienced debbugs hacker or newbie) is welcome to participate!

I would not mind to get to know the architecture of the system to be
able to improve our bug tracker!

> The sprint can either be an in person one [1] or a remote one, such as a
> IRC-backed hacking and/or training session [2]. In case it will be an in
> person one, I'll be pleased to provide travel means on Debian funds.

Wouldn't mind either way.

> To proceed, however, we need to know who is interested and set up a
> tentative date for the sprint. In turn, for that to happen we need an
> organizer. It would hence be great if interested people could manifest
> themselves following up on this list and if, among them, someone could
> step up as organizer.

Do you mean someone who starts a doodle once we know who is interested
and either set a date and time for an IRC meeting or arranges an
in-person meeting?



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