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Re: debbugs (newbies) sprint

On 07/01/2011 08:51 AM, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Dead debbugs hackers (and lurkers),

A live lurker, here.  :-)

> The assumption underlying the experiment is that there are potential
> debbugs hackers out there in need of some training or initial
> handholding, given that approaching the debbugs code base might be a bit
> intimidating. We don't know if the assumption is correct or not, but we
> would like to give it a try.

This is pretty close to my experience.  I volunteered at DC10 to look
into documenting user tags better.  After looking at the existing user
tag docs, my first intention was to get familiar with debbugs in general
and user tags in detail, so I had a good grasp on what updates might be

Due to busy real life and multiple false starts at looking through
debbugs, I never really got off to a good start.  I also never spoke up,
since I tend to learn best by trial/error/success/lightbulb.

> The experiment itself is then to hold a Debbugs sprint with a specific
> focus on training new debbugs hackers, teaching the architecture of the
> system, or even simply answer newbies questions and doubts. Of course
> all this could be done while practically going through the backlog of
> pending debbugs feature requests, bugs, and the like.  Don has
> volunteered as a reference "trainer" (thanks a lot!), but anyone on both
> fronts (experienced debbugs hacker or newbie) is welcome to participate!

I just haven't spent enough time on debbugs to get to success/lightbulb
on my own, so this sounds like a good idea to me.  I happen to have a
little more time these days, being a full-time student.  A little.  I
hate not keeping my word on getting some better documentation written to
help people with a cool, underutilized(?) feature of debbugs.  :-)

> The sprint can either be an in person one [1] or a remote one, such as a
> IRC-backed hacking and/or training session [2]. In case it will be an in
> person one, I'll be pleased to provide travel means on Debian funds.

As a newly unemployed full-time student with little extra money, IRC
would be fine with me.  I did get a tentative DC11 travel sponsorship
(I'm one of the 12 "maybe" folks).  I would enjoy working in this in
person with that "all Debian" time, but at this point, I will likely not
be going Banja Luka.

> To proceed, however, we need to know who is interested and set up a
> tentative date for the sprint. In turn, for that to happen we need an
> organizer. It would hence be great if interested people could manifest
> themselves following up on this list and if, among them, someone could
> step up as organizer.

I'm interested in attending and contributing.  Debbugs is an important
part of Debian and it fits my interests toward mission critical systems.
 I'm fairly open around the typical US academic schedule.

Kind regards,

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