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Re: debbugs (newbies) sprint

> The experiment itself is then to hold a Debbugs sprint with a specific
> focus on training new debbugs hackers, teaching the architecture of the
> system, or even simply answer newbies questions and doubts. Of course
> all this could be done while practically going through the backlog of
> pending debbugs feature requests, bugs, and the like.  Don has
> volunteered as a reference "trainer" (thanks a lot!), but anyone on both
> fronts (experienced debbugs hacker or newbie) is welcome to participate!

I would be interested. Both my perl-foo, and my debbugs knowledge is a
bit rusty (haven't written anything sizable in perl in years, and it's
been ~6 years or so since I last looked at debbugs code :(), but
nevertheless, debbugs is an interesting tool.

And I need to get my hands dirty with something else than packaging if I
want to earn back my DD status at some point. Debbugs hackage sounds
like a good opportunity! (Plus, it's perl. I like perl.)

> The sprint can either be an in person one [1] or a remote one, such as a
> IRC-backed hacking and/or training session [2]. In case it will be an in
> person one, I'll be pleased to provide travel means on Debian funds.

Due to me being out of available holidays, it's very unlikely I'd be
able to attend an in person sprint, unless it's during DebConf, or if it
is held in Hungary. So here goes a shout for an IRC-backed hacking


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