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[dak/master] <adsb> missing "map oldstable oldstable-proposed-updates" [dak/master] activate make-changelog for backports [dak/master] actually use multiple keyids in the commandline [dak/master] ad348f8d has been superseded by 3daf09a3 [dak/master] Add /debian-backports alias to [dak/master] Allow timestamps in binary packages starting from 1975 [dak/master] build queues: keep packages pending in policy queues [dak/master] Close master bugs only, not merged ones (Closes:# 707808) [dak/master] config/debian-security/cron.*: update suite list [dak/master] config/debian/apache.conf-incoming: update IP address for franck.d.o [dak/master] config/debian/dak.conf: Add another two oldstable maps. [dak/master] config/debian/lintian.tags: add non-standard-toplevel-dir as non-fatal [dak/master] config/homedir/ssh/ftpmaster-authorized_keys: add key to import wheezy-updates [dak/master] config/homedir/ssh/ftpmaster-authorized_keys: update IP address for franck [dak/master] Correct comment in init_dirs [dak/master] cron.daily: nag backports team about pending uploads [dak/master] dak.conf-backports: use mailing list as contact address [dak/master] dak.conf: only use ftpmaster@ftp-master.d.o [dak/master] dak/ multi-archive adjustment for check_checksums() [dak/master] dak/ don't include "updates/" twice [dak/master] dak/ binaries -> upload.binaries [dak/master] dak/ fix handling binary-only NEW uploads [dak/master] daklib/ extension is optional for byhand rules [dak/master] daklib/ Add missing "self.". [dak/master] daklib/ correct error message for hijacks [dak/master] daklib/ give a nice error for sources with invalid versions [dak/master] daklib/ lintian check should not try to validate signatures [dak/master] daklib/ handle missing Architecture field like an empty one [dak/master] daklib/ handle missing Files (Checksums-*) fields like empty ones [dak/master] Eliminate all references to apt.conf [dak/master] Fix glob regex, which generated wrong filenames [dak/master] Fix indentation [dak/master] Fix up apt.conf and g-p-s for wheezy release. [dak/master] let generate_releases be able to use multiple keys for a signature [dak/master] lintian.tags: remove missing-pre-dependency-on-multiarch-support [dak/master] Pass absolute path to queue directory to punew_do() [dak/master] Process backports-policy queue. [dak/master] queued: add config for embargoed and disembargo queues [dak/master] README.first: remove a bit old cruft [dak/master] Remove all apt.conf usage from dak [dak/master] Remove unused backports configuration [dak/master] rrd-release-freeze-dates: add wheezy release date [dak/master] rrd-release-freeze-dates: drop obsolete dates [dak/master] Send copy of rejections to the rejector [dak/master] Stop using deprecated functions from python-apt [dak/master] stop using deprecated methods from apt_pkg [dak/master] Sync i18n for jessie, not wheezy [dak/master] This postinst is rubbish, but remove touching apt.conf anyways [dak/master] Update configuration for wheezy release. [dak/master] update-db: automatically find the schema nunmber to upgrade to [dak/master] update-db: display descriptions before deploying update modules [dak/master] upload.source can be null, fall back to upload.changes [dak/master] Whoops, removing changelogs lock on success [website/master] Jessie is now testing packages.d.o: changelogs and ftp-master.metadata.d.o The last update was on 10:44 GMT Sun May 05. There are 59 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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