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packages.d.o: changelogs and ftp-master.metadata.d.o


I've updated packages.d.o to link to the current url scheme used by
ftp-master.metadata.d.o, however there are some raising questions and issues.

Providing metadata for binary packages

Perl packages.d.o used to extract and link to per binary packages *copyright* file.

It was however not done for *changelog* (hence the reason for broken changelog
on binNMU, see #422074).

On the other side, ftp-metadata.d.o does provide only per source package

So for the moment, I've modified packages.d.o to always link to source

However, both source and binary packages metadata should be provided, so that
we spot binNMU changelog, or per binary package copyright file.

              | packages.d.o | ftp metadata | ideal |
src:copyright |    done      |    done      |   X   |
src:changelog |    done      |    done      |   X   |
bin:copyright |    done      |    N/A       |   X   |
bin:changelog |    N/A       |    N/A       |   X   |

--> On dak side, is it possible to extract metadata for binary packages, under
$src/$binary_pkg/$version/changelog ?

(stable ?) URL scheme

Given the url scheme has been the same for I would say 10 years at least, and
that some programs like aptitude downloads from packages.d.o, IMO, we should
guarantee a redirect from packages.d.o current url (not done yet).

Questions now:
* transparent proxy, permanent or permanent redirect, should
  ftp-master.metadata appear to user ?
* maybe fit metadata url scheme to the one used previously by packages.d.o ?
  (see url difference below ?) It will ease update of programs that used to
  download changelogs from PDO.

(Non working ATM) packages.d.o URL

ftp-master URL

--> On dak side, is it possible to fit to the historical URL scheme ? (Please
coordinate for the change)

HTML format

Packages.d.o used to provide html-ised changelogs, with anchors to specific
versions, based on libparse-debianchangelog-perl.
As keeping packages.d.o generating the html would not be very logical, some
python code will need to be written for that.

Simon Paillard

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