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Re: ERROR: missing required packages from profile default: simple-cdd-profiles

On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 09:39:29AM +0100, Alain wrote:
> Well, I followed your advice and tried to make a "simple" install from 
> the current Debian repository:
> I created a profiles/KDEPROFILE.packages containing the following lines:
> kde
> kde-i18n-fr
> And a profiles/KDEPROFILE.preseed containing:
> d-i debian-installer/locale string fr_FR
> d-i console-keymaps-at/keymap select fr

these two are handled by the commandline options which you included
below (--locale and --keyboard) ... specifying them in the preseed file
won't work- just use the commandline, or specify in


> d-i clok-setup/utc boolean true
> d-i time/zone string Europe/Paris
> d-i pkgsel/include string standard kde-desktop
> d-i pkgsel/include string kde-i18n-fr

specifying a question twice will not work... it will select one or the
other, but not both.

also, simple-cdd makes no attempt to include packages specified with
this question. best to add them to profiles/KDEPROFILE.packages.

> d-i finish-install/reboot_in_progress note

> I then launched the following command:
> build-simple-cdd --locale fr_FR --keyboard fr-latin1  --profiles KDEPROFILE
> (I didn't really understood the meaning of the --profiles-udeb option)

the --profiles-udeb-dist option is merely to pull the
simple-cdd-profiles udeb, which is what handles all the simple-cdd stuff
in debian-installer. because simple-cdd wasn't included in etch, you
need to get the simple-cdd-profiles udeb from sid or lenny. if it's
already in the mirror that simple-cdd generates from a previous run,
then you don't actually need to specify it again.
> First strange behaviour:
> I didn't say anything about partitionning, but the install only asks me 
> while partitionning is already finished.

yes, profiles/default.preseed has some automatic partitioning selected
by default, but still asks the question before it does anything

> Install seems to succeed, but when my PC reboots, I see the message: 
> "Not starting internet superserver: no services enabled". And of course, 
> kdm wasn't launched.

it doesn't appear that the packages you selected in
profiles/KDEPROFILE.packages has anything that depends on kdm, so kdm is
not likely present on your CD image.

live well,

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