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Re: ERROR: missing required packages from profile default: simple-cdd-profiles

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 11:14:50AM +0100, Alain wrote:
> Jonas Smedegaard a écrit :
> >On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 10:40:41AM +0100, Alain wrote:
> >>vagrant@freegeek.org a écrit :

> >>>and just a little reminder, simple-cdd tends to work better the more 
> >>>you stick within debian.

> >>I want to build a so old distro because I have tu use a package 
> >>(libsnmp-perl) that disapeared from debian repository after that 
> >>2005/10/16/ ...

it seems like libsnmp-perl *is* in debian etch, lenny and sid:

libsnmp-perl | 5.2.3-7etch2 |        stable 
libsnmp-perl | 5.4.1~dfsg-6 |       testing 
libsnmp-perl | 5.4.1~dfsg-6 |      unstable 

is there something wrong with the version in etch?

> >Wouldn't it then make more sense to "forwardport" that package: 
> >Recompile it on a current distro?

> Maybe, but it so seemed easier to build a customized distro so I tried ...
> In fact, I have to provide a CD or DVD containing all necessary packages 
> to rebuild our source code. This CD has to enable installing a PC 
> without any network access to ensure all packages are on it. So I 
> thought I could build a customized CD with the needed packages, and 
> pressed to make it easier.
> But I'm workin on it since 4 weeks and I still have nothing to show :-(

i heartily agree with jonas here- probably easiest to build an etch CD
and adding custom package versions for the few packages you need.

much easier to build and maintain the few customizations you're making
than it is to make an entire distro based on versions of software that
were never part of a stable release.

live well,

p.s. please do not CC me, i read the list.

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