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Re: ERROR: missing required packages from profile default: simple-cdd-profiles

vagrant@freegeek.org a écrit :
On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 02:59:21PM +0100, Alain wrote:
ERROR: missing required packages from profile default:  simple-cdd-profiles

I called simple-cdd with the following options:
build-simple-cdd --locale fr_FR@euro --keyboard fr-latin9 --profiles myprofile --debian-mirror http://snapshot.debian.net/archive/2005/10/16/debian/ --profiles-udeb-dist sid

i think the first upload of simple-cdd (and thus, simple-cdd-profiles)
was accepted into debian on Sat, 21 Apr 2007 19:32:00 +0000. so it is no
surprise that such an old repository wouldn't have it. :)

beyond wondering why on earth you would want that specific date...

you could manually download the simple-cdd-profiles udeb from sid and
include it with the --local-packages instead of --profiles-udeb-dist
option. that's probably the simplest route to go. and ditch
--profiles-udeb-dist entirely.

you may also have to tweak profiles/default.* as it assumes you at least
have etch ... dropped support for sarge a while ago...

and just a little reminder, simple-cdd tends to work better the more you
stick within debian.

live well,

Thanks for your answer.
I want to build a so old distro because I have tu use a package (libsnmp-perl) that disapeared from debian repository after that 2005/10/16/ ...
Well, I tried to do what you said (or what I understood ):
I downloaded simple-cdd_0.3.6_all.deb and simple-cdd-profiles_0.3.6_all.udeb in a subdirectory I calle "local", and then launched: build-simple-cdd --locale fr_FR --keyboard fr-latin9 --debian-mirror http://snapshot.debian.net/archive/2005/10/16/debian --local-packages local/

I see a first error:
Starting new i386 CD 1 at myworkingdir/tmp//cd-build/etch/CD1
 Adding the required directories
 Generating the image label and volume id
You need a Debian mirror with the doc, tools and
indices directories !
   Failed to start disc 1, error 256

Why are there two slahes between tmp and cd-build ?


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