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Re: Simple-CDD

> Sure, please take a look at BINDISKINFO variable, more information at
> /usr/share/doc/simple-cdd/examples/simple-cdd.conf.detailed
I set
export BINDISKINFO="Deverto TSS Debian Installer"
but it looks it's ignored by the mkisofs :-(
I didn't have
/usr/share/doc/simple-cdd/examples/simple-cdd.conf.detailed. I'm using
version 0.3.0 from the experimental repository.
(deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian experimental main)
> Do you need to ask for user input or just run a postinst script?
I need user input. There are 3 versions of our software on the CD now
and our customers can choose of them depending the license they got.
So at least I need to ask to which version do they want to install and
there are some questions in the installation procedure too.
Thanks for your help.


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