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Re: Simple-CDD

On 6/11/07, Kunszt Arpad <arpad@deverto.com> wrote:

>>     - How can I add our custom build kernel to the list of the available
>> kernels during the installation?
> If you've a repository containing debs (including kernel) and the name
> scheme is the same as Debian it will download the latest stuff and
> push it into the CD. Alternatively you can point to the debs using
> --local-packages (as you do with simple-cdd-profiles udeb).
I put it in to the local_packages in the config file. It included on the
CD but the installer didn't offer at the install time. The kernel
package is made by someone else at the company. He maybe made a mistake
at the creation. Is there any way to check if the .deb is fulfill the
>>     - How can I rename the .iso file? I looked into the configuration
>> but didn't found this.
> You're right, there's no option to change the iso name using
> simple-cdd, but it can be considered. Actually rename it using mv
> won't hurt.
I meant the CD label but you are right my question was
misunderstandable. On my mother language name and label are synonims. :-)
So my question is: Is there any way to change the ISO label in the
created .iso image?

Sure, please take a look at BINDISKINFO variable, more information at

>>     - I want to write a simple script which can install our product at
>> the end of the installation procedure. It will be nice if it can
>> "integrate" into the installer. How can I find informations and/or
>> examples about this? I looked into the simple-cdd's udeb but it's a
>> little bit too hard at the first glance.
> The best way is preparing a deb package of your product. If a deb
> package of your product is in place (deb repository or local directory
> as cited above), it will be easier to figure out how to make your
> final image contain and install it. Remember to list the package into
> profiles/default.packages.
This way is not acceptable at this point :-( The software is huge and
has a complex, interactive install script.
We want to create a .deb package from it, but it's not the highest
priority. All I need is to show a list of some items at the end of the
installation like the simple_cdd_profiles do. Then I can write the
postinstall script. I hope :-)

Do you need to ask for user input or just run a postinst script?

-- stratus

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