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Re: simple-cdd

On Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 09:50:04AM +1200, Jasper Mackenzie wrote:
> Good Day,
>  I hope I'me barking up the right tree.

in the future, please post to debian-custom@lists.debian.org instead, so
that others can possibly answer your questions and benefit from the

> I am trying to build debian install cd's for testing and unstable, with a  
> few extra packages, but basically as a standard disk one of an install cd.
>  Is this the right tool for the job?

sounds like that should be pretty good.
> using bzr I get the following errors:
> bzr get http:/cdd.alioth.debian.org/bzr/simple-cdd
> bzr: ERROR: Not a branch:  
> /usr/src/simple-cdd/http:/cdd.alioth.debian.org/bzr/simple-cdd/

ok, well, "http://"; is the first issue. the second issue is that even if
you had used the double-slash "//" it's not really a branch.

check out http://wiki.debian.org/Simple-CDD/Bzr for a list of branches.
> I started using the version of simple-cdd from unstable, but it only wants  
> to get etch, I cant see an option to change to unstable.

you'll need to use a custom debian-cd directory, as debian-cd in lenny
has not yet been updated. 

 svn co svn://svn.debian.org/svn/debian-cd/trunk debian-cd

and set in a configuration file:


and specify the configuration file with:

 build-simple-cdd --conf /path/to/configuration/file

good luck!

and please just respond to the list, not to me directly- i'll read the

live well,

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