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Re: Proposal for a new CDD sub-project: Debian4Business

Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Thu, 19 Apr 2007, Joey Hess wrote:
>> Andreas Tille wrote:
>>> Yes, you are right and I'm even doing this in the med-common package.
>>> But I do not really regard this as a really nice solution if those
>>> extra tasks are mixed with the default Debian tasks.
>> Note that you can hide the debian tasks by diverting debian-tasks.desc.
>> This could probably be improved.
> Well, I know the diversion concept but it just does not fit
> what I regard reasonable.  The default tasksel list is OK,
> but needs a feature to add the tasks that were prepared inside
> Debian in a structured way.
>> You can also set your custom tasks to have a higer Relevance than the
>> standard tasks, to make them be displayed first in the list.
> I would regard the default as higher relevance and below this
> come CDDs (in general).  So also this feature does not fit my
> idea of selecting a task - it might be that my idea is a
> missconception, but there was no argument up to know that
> convinced me that I'm wrong.
> Kind regards
>         Andreas.
Hi Andreas,

It seems to me that the problems you describe in Tasksel are fixable
only if you sacrifice the simplicity of the default installer. Don't
get me wrong, the idea that all CDD's could be represented within
a single tasksel system does sound nice, but it makes building the
iso images for the installers impossible. If the user can select an
essentially infinite number of tasks from the one interface then
the installer would require a disk image too large for CD media.

However if the installer CD ISO generation system  used something
like jigdo, you might be able to make CDD install disks easier
and not have to change the default installer images. This would
require the CDD team to assure that the default packages for
the CDD do not require more than 650-700MB of space on
the iso when added to the base system.

Joey, this would potentially require the installer build system to
use jigdo. Does that seem practical to you, or is it not feasible?
Should I direct this question to Frans?

I would be very interested in seeing Debian produce variable
installed versions based on CDD. This would be similar to the
varied versions of other distributions (home, business, and
server class versions), and would allow lots of flexibility for
derived distributions. However having varied releases based on
target use might not be desirable for the project. There are many
possible trade offs with either approach and a jigdo driven
debian-installer image builder would probably require some
serious work. On the other hand debian-installer is building
installer images for KDE and XFCE now so how much of a
stretch is it to build CDD driven installer images as well?

Just some thoughts...


Matthew McGuire

PS: Where do I get a flame retardant suit these days?

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