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Re: Proposal for a new CDD sub-project: Debian4Business

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007, Joey Hess wrote:

Andreas Tille wrote:
Yes, you are right and I'm even doing this in the med-common package.
But I do not really regard this as a really nice solution if those
extra tasks are mixed with the default Debian tasks.

Note that you can hide the debian tasks by diverting debian-tasks.desc.
This could probably be improved.

Well, I know the diversion concept but it just does not fit
what I regard reasonable.  The default tasksel list is OK,
but needs a feature to add the tasks that were prepared inside
Debian in a structured way.

You can also set your custom tasks to have a higer Relevance than the
standard tasks, to make them be displayed first in the list.

I would regard the default as higher relevance and below this
come CDDs (in general).  So also this feature does not fit my
idea of selecting a task - it might be that my idea is a
missconception, but there was no argument up to know that
convinced me that I'm wrong.

Kind regards



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