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Re: Doc packages

On Wed, 30 Jun 2004, Otavio Salvador wrote:

> at> Sure, but it should prepare a ready to run debian/control file for
> at> *all* CDDs to keep necessary editing as low as possible for
> at> meta package builders.  If the CDD meta package source needs different
> at> Build dependencies you will have to do extra editing and research
> at> which is not really hard but breaks the consistency.
> Yes. cdd-dev is to help to build meta-packages but this doesn't force
> to the built packages have the same build-deps of cdd source packages.
I was not talking about the cdd package but about *different* CDDs
for instance NP, Med, Jr, Edu - -I would like to keep their
Build-Dependencies the same.

> The only build-deps NEEDED to use cdd-dev is cdd-dev itself. How
> cdd-dev is built and what this need is not user busines, IMHO.

> So you want cdd source itself looks like the package built to use
> cdd-dev? it?
Now.  Perhaps you might reread the mail I wrote about different
documentation tools inside different Custom Debian Distributions.

Kind regards


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